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1o1 Web are a dedicted team of specialists who provide a wide variety of tailored and packaged Internet services. The company has been an Internet Service Provider since the web first came into being.

We are a NON - Automated service. This means at all times the customer is dealing with highly trained Human Beings. We discuss in plain English your needs and uncover the best solutions but are also adaptive and forward thinking, as part of our mission to provide for customer growth. We act directly in all aspects of work, customers ever changing requirements and in monitoring of our back end systems.


Compliance information

Nominet (the UK operator of the .uk domain registry) insist that we are required to publish this information for the benefit of all of our customers.

Customers can contact us via e-mail to andy(at Sign)magnum-biz.co.uk
alternatively contact us by phone
(01572) 723399 or 77077
or they can reach us via our postal address below.
1o1 Web Ltd
17 Midland Court,
Oakham, Rutland, LE15 6BU

All matters concerning .uk domains or any such gTLDs that are operated by Nominet:

We will respond to any such communication within one business day and aim to resolve any issues ariseing within three business days where such a resolution is entirely within our remit.

A customer wishing to make complaint about their .uk (or other gTLD domain operated by Nominet) sub-domain, can contact us and we will accept your complaint by any of the methods above.

You may also report abuse of a .uk (or other gTLD domain operated by Nominet) sub-domain where the IPS tag is 101WEB to mobile(at Sign)magnum-biz.co.uk


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1o1Web Ltd

17 Midland Court, Oakham,
Rutland. LE15 6BU

+44 (0) 1572 770077
+44 (0) 1572 723399

andy(at sign)magnum-biz.co.uk